Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4th,2010

Like love, all my best, most beautiful works of art are craft out of sadness, out of pain. What a horrible sense of humor this all has. Such beauty and rich color comes from the moments that are the worst. I feel i must warn, look before you leap. The violins play and I am standing in deep waters, murky, right before I am born this is where i am. Jumping and growling at the waves that throw me towards the shores. Blur the distinction between sky, earth, water, and its all deep Prussian blue. The stars swirl and your numb to the great above. Right before i am birthed the sand beneath my feet sinks between the earth and myself and I feel cruelly connected to this. I feel the ache to warn, look at the waves for as long as possible, before you leave the shore. This beauty is cruel.


Erik Lomen said...

Your Blog is Very Coherently you! : )

Mike Vance said...

yeah dude, love the writing here