Monday, October 13, 2008

Trying since 2008

I created this blog in 2008 and have yet to actually post anything. This is the beginning. A junior in college studying fine arts, second semester i seem to be drifting more towards sculpture then my intended major painting and printmaking. I love it all, so i guess whatever i drift towards is alright with me. Here is some very recant work, still in the progress of being fully completed, try to keep that in mind when viewing.

The three mustache men are made from wax, and are my first attempt at casting in my moldmaking and casting class. They are casted from a two piece plaster mold, its really very interesting.

The two faces are the start of a large scale project in my independent study with the ceramics teacher at Montserrat. They are formed from an earthenware clay that is white when fired. There will be at least 12 of them, although i would love 20. They are around 7 ish inches wide, and will have any emotion on them from happiness to pain. My plan to display them is on the floor possible on a quilt i will sew(i could use opinions). They will be looking up from the floor, no pedestal, just flat on the floor. The idea behind it is the evoke the feeling of being uncomfortable. I tried these two on Erik and he said he felt exactly that.